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March 4th, 2023
In commemoration of Mapuche member Rafael Railaf Caniu (1933-2023)
Lautaro, Wallmapu
Friday, April 12th 2019
Musician Veronica Castro receives Mrs. Juana Calfunao
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
January, 30th, 2018
Chile: Operation "Hurricane" against Indigenous Mapuche leaders
Wallmapu (Mapuche Land) - Araucania region.
August 21 of 2017
March in support of Machi Francisca Linconao
Temuco, Wallmapu (Chile)
April 2017
Waikil: Music is Territory in Resistance - Free Wallmapu
Mapuche Hip Hop Music Tour in Europe
October 31 2016
Chile: Mapuche woman gave birth while was handcuffed
Mapuche Prisoners
Saturday, October 8th of 2016
Indigenous Peoples live broadcasting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
09 August 2016
International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples
Saturday, April 16th 2016
Priests in Chile concerned about escalation of State-Indigenous Mapuche Conflict
Saturday, March 5th of 2016
Live broadcasting about International Women's Day
Radio Mart at Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
February 9, 2016
Hollywood actress calls for a halt to the hydroelectric invasion of the Araucanía
Hollywood, USA.
January 19th - 21 of 2016
Indigenous expert group meeting at United Nations headquarters
New York, The US.
17th till 21st of November 2015
International Film and Video Festival of Indigenous Peoples
Temuco, Chile
Saturday, October 3th of 2015
Today's Indigenous Mapuche situation in Chile by Mr. Juan Manque
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
June 10th, 2015
Michelle Bachelet and the doctor honoris causa at the University of Leuven
Brussels, Belgium.
May 4th, 2015
[video] The Hague: Mapuche Demand Respect for Rights
May 4th, 2015
Interpelation to the Chilean State for the Respect of and Adherence to the Treaties signed with the Mapuche People.
The Hague, The Netherlands
May 5th 2015
International Conference on the Mapuche Treaties
April 22th 2015
Mapuche: Alina Rodenkirchen at the European Parliament
Brussels, Belgium.
April 22th 2015
Mapuche: Rafael Railaf at the European Parliaments
Brussels, Belgium
April 20th 2015
The history of the Rankilko Mapuche Community in Chile
Bajo Malleco.
April 22, 2015.
Two Mapuche Speakers at International Indigenous Conference
European Parliament: Brussels, Belgium
December 16th of 2014
Thesis: Modern Indigenous Mapuche Poetry
By: Katja Stanič
Event: October 11th. 2014
Images and video of 522 years of Indigenous Resistance
October 11th 2014
Indigenous People Celebrate 522 years of Resistance
September 30th 2014
Two Indigenous Mapuche Special Envoy from Chile at event in Amsterdam.
May 16th of 2014
Mapuche living in Germany and the Netherlands start a hunger strike.
February 21 2014
Mapuche Twitter Storm on International Mother Language Day
May 12 2013
Final Declaration of the 2nd Trawun of the European Coordination to Support the Mapuche People (ECSM)
January 2013
The militarization of Mapuche regions in Chile, A bad idea.
October 21 2012
Summary of News on Mapuche Political Prisoner Hunger Strike in Chile
March 6 2012
Mapuche Man Commits Suicide in Prison
February 25 2012
European Coordination in Support of the Mapuche People is Born
November 4 2011
Chile, Police Special Forces intimidating Mapuche Indigenous communities. Comunidad Wente WinKul Mapu Lof Chequenco.
October 14 2011
‘A Poetic Concept of Identity’: An Interview with Mapuche Poet David Aniñir Guilitraro.
june 13 2011
Chile, Mapuche Families in Panguipulli Demand Compensation for Hydroelectric Dam Flooding
by Ryan Seelau
June 10 2011
Chile, Mapuche Prisoners put an end to hunger-Strike of 87 Days.
June 7, 2011
UNPO and Mapuche Show Solidarity for the Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike.
June 6 2011
Family of Mapuche Political Prisoners Join Hunger Strike.
June 3 2011
Letter to Embassy of Chile in The Netherlands - Mapuche Hunger Strike Day 81
June 2 2011
Chile, Mapuche Hunger-Strike Day 81 - Image of Solidarity from The Hague, The Netherlands
June 2 2011
Candlelight Vigil in solidarity with the Mapuche prisoners in Chile.
March 24, 2011
Werken Maria Railaf at the European Parliament Brussels, Belgium ( Werken = Special Envoy)
March 24 2011
Images of the first Conference on Mapuche issues that was held in the European Parliament.
March 24, 2011
The Mapuche in Chile: Indigenous Communities in Modern Latin American States
March 20 2011
Mapuche Indigenous Continue Hunger Strike in Chile; One is Hospitalized.
March 16, 2011
The Mapuche in Chile: The First European Conference
March 15, 2011
Chile: Mapuche Indigenous people start hungerstrike.
Lebu Prison
February 10, 2011
The 20th anniversary of the UNPO, 20 Years of Nonviolent Struggle
December 17, 2010
Wikileaks: US Cables Prove Peaceful Nature of the Struggle by Mapuche Indigenous.
October 14, 2010
Report on the situation of the 32 Mapuche prisoners in Chile.
UNPO- Dossier Mapuche Hunger Strike 2010
September 24 2010
Mapuche Hunger Strike In Chile Reaches Day 75
September 09 2010
Chile's government is pushing in an attempt to bring to an end a 60 days hunger strike by Mapuche Indigenous.
September 3,2010
3,000 Chileans March on Behalf of Jailed Indian Activists
August 3th 2010
July 30, 2010
31 jailed Mapuche Indians in Chile on hunger strike.
July 23 2010.
Chile: Imprisoned Mapuche Continue Hunger Strike.
July 21,2010
Mapuche Indian Prisoners Mount Hunger Strike in Chile.
July 12 2010
Chile: Mapuche Indigenous People Starts Hunger Strike Reclaiming Ancestral Land.
june 10 2010
Pascual Pichún Collonao, a Mapuche political prisoner.
may 13 2010
Mapuches outraged by Catalan university's honoris causa to Michelle Bachelet.
Amsterdam, April 26th, 2010.
Mapuche Conference in Amsterdam With The Mapuche linguist Elisa Loncon Antileo.
April 6 2010
Mapuche Tried For Attack On Public Prosecutor In Chile,
Chile is now seeking a sentence of 103 years for Mapuche Leader.
April 2, 2010
Chile’s Natives get less earthquake disaster aid.
March 2010
Chile: Earthquake images of Mapuche sea area.
March 11 2010
Chile: Public Statement of the Political Mapuche Prisoners.
March 06 2010.
Mapuche Indigenous People Affected By Chilean Earthquake.
February 15 2010
Chilean Court Agrees To Detain Mapuche Youth On Terrorism Charges.
February 10 2010
Chile: The Persecution of a Mapuche Communicator.
February 1, 2010
Culture shock: living with the Mapuche.
January 28 2010
Avatar is Real: Pandora is in Central and South America.
January 23,2010
Chilean Cop Given No Jail Time for Killing Indian.
January 15, 2010
Public Statement of: The C.A.M. about the death of the Warrior: Matias Catrileo.
November 6th, 2009
CHILE: The Michelle Bachelet Government’s Last Days of State Terrorism.
27 October 2009
UNICEF: Stop Violence Against Indigenous Children.
September 18 2009
The Mapuche Struggle for Autonomy.
September 11 2009
Mapuche conflict simmers.
September 7 2009
August 22 2009
Chile Rules Out Land Seizures to Satisfy Mapuche Demands.
August 21 2009
August 14 2009
Unrest Continues In Chile Despite President’s Call For “Dialogue”
August 13 2009
August 12 of 2009
August 12 of 2009
August 11 of 2009
Chilean Authorities Investigate New Attack, Land Occupations.
july 31 2009
Chile, New Wave of Mapuche Land Conflicts.
July 28 of 2009
Indians Seize Properties in Southern Chile.
July 20 of 2009
Mapuche community of Cacique Manuel Levia, Starts Recovery Of Ancestral Land.
July 16th of 2009
Military Mapuche leader of the "CAM" Héctor Llaitul arrested.
June 9th of 2009
Solidarity with the indigenous people in Peru.
May 27 2009
Chile President Receives UNPO & Mapuche Letter of Concern.
April 17, 2009.
Lof Yeupeko Filkun Once Again Repels Police Aggression.
april 13 of 2009
The CAM about the arrest of members.
april 13 of 2009
Chile Arrests 11 Indians in Attack on Prosecutor.
april 11 of 2009
Seven Mapuche detained in Puerto Choque Accused of Ambush Against Prosecutor Elgueta.
march 25 of 2009
Argentina, Indigenous rights ignored.
march 12 of 2009
Mapuche Indian records Bizet's Carmen - in mapudungun.
march 5 of 2009
Mapuches from Chequenco Sentenced by Chilean Justice.
feb 27 of 2009
School of self government opens in Chile.
february 2 2009
WORLD SOCIAL FORUM: 'Stateless Peoples' Defend Diversity
january 13 of 2009
Chilean Police Forces carried out another raid at the Mapuche area.
december 16 of 2008
UNPO at 'Right Now' Festival.
december 10 of 2008.
Mapuche celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
december 7 2008
Latin American Chillout Film Marathon in Amsterdam- The Netherlands.
december 1 2008
Chile: Mapuche Increase Opposition Bío Bío River Dam.
novembre 17 2008
The Mapuche Reject Oil Company in Patagonia.
november 12, 2008
Alex Lemun Lives in Every Day of the Mapuche Struggle.
november 7 2008
Amnesty International assesses human rights in Chile
october 2008
Arauco Malleco Coordinating Committee (CAM) Informs from Choque
september 20 2008
Mapuche Leader Not Allowed to Leave Country
september 11 2008
Chilean Politician(RN) is trying to link Mapuche to Colombian FARC.
august 25 2008
august 25 2008
Mapuche Leader Denies Clash with Police.
august 18 2008
Chile: Ranch set in fire, the Public Prosecutor’s will not tolerate impunity for arson.
august 14 2008
Repression of Documentary Filmmakers in Chile.
july 03 2008
Case of filmmaker Varela to the inter-American court.
june 25 2008
Italian filmmakers expelled from Chile.
june 16 2008
Mapuche leader Hector llaitul set free after a year and 4 months in prison.
june 11th, 2008
Protest against the visit of Chile's President Michelle Bachelet to California USA.
june 11 of 2008
Growing international concern about a Chilean filmmaker’s Arrest.
june 2008
Chile: Film-maker arrested after investigating Mapuche land rights story.
april 15, 2008
The pipeline and the industrial pollution of CELCO in Chile.
april 10, 2008- ARGENTINA
Indigenous resistance to oil company encroachment.
april 2 2008
Chilean President Bachelet unveils new Indigenous Policy.
february 26, 2008
Historical Mapuche Hunger Strike Ends in Success.
feruari 25 2008
LATIN AMERICA: Justice disserved for indigenous prisoners.
february 14 2008
Human rights abuses against indigenous people continue in Chile.

february 7 2008
It hurts to see my land surrounded by carabineros.

january 29, 2008 - New York, USA.
Protest in solidarity with Patricia Troncoso and the Mapuche nation.
january 24, 2008
Australia-The CFMEU about the Mapuche political prisoners
january 23, 2008
Chilean government force to feed hungerstriker by infusion.
january 18 2008
Chilean Judge: Justice for Mapuche Indigenous.
januari 11, 2008
januari 8, 2008
(AFDD) is calling on Chile to retreat its bid for a seat on (UNHRC).
january 3 2008
Mapuche Land Conflict Stained With Blood.
january 3 2008
Mapuche group attests that member was killed during a police confrontation.
december 20 2007
Chile Welcomes Mapuche Cuban University Grads.
december 7 2007
CHILE: Indigenous Hunger Strikers in Critical Condition
november 21 2007
Mapuche political prisoners receive police protection.
november 16 2007
Mapuche prisoners in hunger strike hospitalized.
October 17 2007
Mapuche political prisoners in hunger strike.
September 25 2007
CHILE: Mega Dams, Mega Impacts, Mega Half-Truths
september 13 2007
High Commissioner for Human Rights hails adoption of Declaration in Indigenous Rights.pdf
august 8 2007
The dutch Foundation ‘Mapuche Stichting FOLIL' visits the UNPO.
august 17 2007
august 10 2007
UNPO Joins Indigenous Celebrations in The Hague, The Netherlands.
august 9 2007
Global ceremony for indigenous rights.
july 25 2007
july 2007
Mapuche myth in English.
july 14 2007
Mapuche People Struggle to Defend Land and Culture.
june 14 2007
Turf wars: Rich versus poor in Patagonia.
june 06 2007
june 05 2007
may 28 2007
Young, urban and curious: The modern Mapuche.
may 25 2007
Rights of Mapuche Indians Still Not Ensured.
may 20 2007
The recognition of indigenous rights in Chile.
may 17 2007
Mapuche activists occupied forestry property.
may 12 2007
Chilean Ethnic Groups: Development Against Native Rights?
may 07 2007
Land and Resources.
april 26th of 2007
Hunger strike of the Mapuche political prisoner Héctor Llaitul.
april 24, 2007
The True Colours of Benetton: Mapuches Want Back Their Land.
april 21st, 2007
Conference about the struggle of several nations, in Geneva- Switzerland.
march 2007
Important Mapuche leader Jose Huenchunao arrested.
February 12 2007 - ARGENTINA
Patagonia to the Highest (Foreign?) Bidder.
february 2007
Mapuche reconvene historic parliament.
november 25 2006
Mapuches upset over unauthorized language software.
october 8, 2006.
Chile Indigenous Tribe Fights Extinction.
august 31 2006.
Murder of Mapuche by Chilean Police.
august 28 2006
Chilean police kills Mapuche Elder.
august 24, 2006
june 2006
Spanish tourist didn't respect a Mapuche ceremony.
june 2006
Mapuches: The Politics of Exclusion in Chile.
may 24 2006
HUMAN RIGHTS-CHILE: A Few Blemishes on Overall Strong Record
may 15 2006
Chile: Mapuches end hunger strike.
may 2006
The Mapuche people’s battle for indigenous land.
november 2005
Discrimination against indigenous peoples continues.
october 2005
Chile: indigenous people faces extinction
september 2005
Indigenous Leader Fights Hurdles to Become Candidate.
august 2005 Temuko de Chile
"Chile's Terror Duplicity" the controversial charge against Mapuches.
july 22, 2005 Temuco, Chile.
Chile: Mapuche Acquitted a Second Time
july 19, 2005
The Mapuche struggle today: An interview with Vladimir Painemal Morales.
april 2005
Human Rights by four Experts on indigenous issues.
june 13 2005
Indigenous issue, advances on Paper No Guarantee of Real Progress.
may 6 2005
No solution in sight to mapuche land dispute.
march 7 2005
Chilean Mapuche minority charges government with human rights violations.
september 29 2004
Green energy for Pehuenche indians.
september 28 2004
Ralco Dam: The dark story behind Chile's biggest source of light.
august 11, 2004
Mapuche indians in Chile struggle to take back forests.
june 2004 ARGENTINA
Benetton vs. Mapuche
may 2004
The plight of the Mapuche Indians during the years of military rule
april 2004
Day of global action against Benetton
march 2004
Benetton In Patagonia
United colours of land grab.
february 25, 2004
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - Chile 2003
november 25 2003
Mapuche Lands in Patagonia Taken Over by Benetton Wool Farms
november 18, 2003
Chilean companies agree to logging restrictions.
november 10 2003 (Tierramérica)
Mapuches Want to Shape Their Own Future
august 8 2003
As UN marks Day of indigenous peoples, Annan renews call to ensure their rights.
july 2003
The use of traditional health care among the Mapuche in Chile. pdf
may 14 2003
The Chilean state is criminalizing the struggle of the Mapuche.
may 07 2003
In the trial, Pascual Pichún and Aniceto Norin and activist Patricia Troncoso.
may 2003
Chile: Urgent need to reorient forestry policy from tree monocultures to forests.
may 2003
"The Chilean state is criminalizing the struggle of the Mapuche,"
april 30 2003
Because eucalyptus trees are thirsty, Victor Ancalaf became a rebel.
february 20, 2003 Quepuca Ralco.
Letter written to Jaime Andrade.
february 17, 2003 PUBLIC DECLARATION
Pehuenche natives from the communities of Alto Bio Bio.
december 14 2002
Militarized Carabineros arrested Mapuche activist José Huenchunao.
december 13, 2002
New Report Reveals a Government Controlled by Corporate Interests.
november 18, 2002
november 12, 2002
Instituto de Estudios Indigenas (Institute of Indigenous Studies), about the death of Mapuche Edmundo Alex Lemun Saavedra.
november 2002
Chilean police killed Mapuche activist Alex Lemun.
october 2002
Indigenous peoples second-class citizens in the lands of their ancestors.
june 2002
The agrarian revolt in Cautin, Chile, in the 70.
may 2002
Who are the Mapuches?
march 19 2002.
Pehuenche communities in Chile's Alto Biobio region
januar 11 2002
Free Lonko Aniceto Norin Catriman.
december 2001
Military Court of Chile accused of anti-mapuche polacy.
november 21 2001
Chile, U.S. working on program to translate Indian language.
november 21 2001
Oscar de la Renta taps Mapuche model Ximena Huilipan in Chile.
may 2001
The Mapuche Organizations of Santiago declares
september 24, 2000
Indigenous people make voices heard.