June 10, 2015
Michelle Bachelet and the doctor honoris causa at the University of Leuven.
Brussels, Belgium.

Communiqué of the Coordinación Mapuche de Europa (CME).

In the context of the European tour that began on June 4th, the Chilean president Michelle Bachelet will finish her visit to Belgium in the CELAC Business summit with the EU.

Today, June 10th, the President will receive a doctor honoris causa at the University of Leuven, for supposed commitments to human rights and equality of gender. This is a farce!

Chilean Police intimidating Mapuche Protest in Belgium.
Chilean Police intimidating Mapuche Protest in Belgium.

We want to bring attention to the following points:

Kiñe: Today, there are 18 Mapuche political prisoners in Chile, imprisoned as a consequence of legal set ups.

Epu: The militarization and the brutal trepasses in the Wallmapu affect the most vulnerable people (children, women and seniors) in the Mapuche community; physically and psychologically.

Küla: Neoliberal investment policies open the doors to the invastion of companies that exploit the natural resources of the Mapuche territory and that causes irreversable harm on an environmental, social, cultural and spiritual level. The Chilean state does not respect the ILO-convention 169 regarding the rights of indigenous peoples.

Meli: The Chilean state is not following the 2013 recommendation for restitution of the ancestral landse given by the International Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Kechu: The Chilean state is not respecting and not honoring the treaties concluded with the Mapuche Nation. Notwithstanding, the treaties between the States and the indigenou peoples are recognized by international law.

Kayu: The current government is imposing a paternatlistic and colonial policy, creating indigenous institutions (ministery, council) based on the decrees (66 and 40) which restrict the ILO-convention 169 of the Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention and do not take the right to self-determination of the indigenous peoples into account.

Regle: The Mapuche women continue to live with triple discrimination: discrimination of gender, because they are indigenous and because they are in a vulnerable situation.

Coordinación Mapuche de Europa (CME)