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February 25, 2012
European Coordination in Support of the Mapuche People is Born
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Several organizations based in Europe working in the dissemination of the truth and in solidarity with the Mapuche people gathered in Amsterdam on 24 and 25 February for a trawun (meeting) organized by Foundation FOLIL (Netherlands).

This meeting gathered during a time of increasing Chilean state persecution faced by Mapuche communities, as well as the negative propaganda against them perpetuated by the national press, courts and police in order to protect private and multinational interests.

The trawun was organized as an effort to consolidate years of work in promoting a clear, visible and coordinated front to European authorities in hopes of curbing raids on Mapuche communities in accordance to a bilateral agreement signed between Chile and the European Union.

This meeting was attended by twelve organizations from different European countries like FOLIL Foundation (Netherlands), UNPO (Netherlands and Belgium), Ethics Committee Against Torture (Netherlands), Kritische Studenten Utrecht (Netherlands), Land and Freedom Arauco (France) Comabe (Belgium), Society for Threatened Peoples-APA (Germany), FEWLA (Belgium), New Concept Latino (France), France Libertés (France), Association for Threatened Peoples-APA (Italy), Mapuche Collective Girona (Spain).

From the exchange of constructive ideas, initiatives, and thematic discussions, the need to improve coordination between organizationsemerged in order to launch an advocacy plan targeting European and international institutions.The organizations agreed on maintaining coordination amongst themselves in solidarity with the struggle of the Mapuche people. As such, all are determined to speak out all over Europe against the infringement of rights as experienced by Mapuche communities.

The next trawun will be held in 2013 in Brussels, Belgium. Nascent coordination efforts will also focus on countering the strong Chilean lobbies in Europe which seek economic growth at the expense of Mapuche communities who ultimately face environmental consequences as a result.

The trawun culminated in an atmosphere of brotherhood and determination to continue supporting the struggle of the Mapuche people.

(The struggle continues, but our victory will be tenfold!)