March 13th, 2023
The arrest of Machi Millaray Huichalaf in Chile
Santiago: Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport

Returning from Norway, Machi (Mapuche Spiritual leader) Millaray with her little daughter was being awaited by the Chilean police, who separated the Mapuche delegation from the rest of the passengers. The Pilmaiken River Territory Prosecutor ordered the police to carry out this pursuit action at the airport, to make a routine notification, a summons to testify, which had already been carried out.

This is the same prosecutor who has persecuted the defenders of the Pilmaiken River for years, criminalizing their spokesmen using the law on intelligence and state resources.

The visit to Norway

The Mapuche delegation is grateful for the solidarity and accompaniment of the conscious Norwegian people, who were surprised by the violence that the state company Statkraft carries out outside its borders. A bond with Sámi sisters and brothers was deepened, a path shared between two ancient peoples with similar histories, not only in terms of defending the territory, their customs and spirituality but also resisting violence and state dispossession.

The delegation was invited by @lagnorge and traveled representing more than 100 communities that oppose the construction of the Los Lagos Power Plant. The great job of our hosts allowed meetings with members of the parliament, officials from the ministries of Industry, Trade and International Relations, social, trade union, environmental and human rights organizations from that country, in Oslo, Trondheim and Snåsa. The delegation returned with new ties and energies that strengthen the spirit.

Instagram Source: @globalpilmaiken
Image: @abdrodrigo @el_pais