| Conferencia Mapuche en La Haya |

April 16th of 2015
The European Mapuche Coordinating
The Hague

We, The European Mapuche Coordinating, in close cooperation with
organizations and communities of the Mapuche people - Wallmapuche,
have decided to organize the "International Conference at The Hague,
on the Observance of the Mapuche treaties concluded with the
Chilean state."

From May 4th, 2015, the International Court of Justice in The Hague, will
start reviewing the jurisdiction over maritime claims submitted by the
Plurinational State of Bolivia against the State of Chile.

The State of Chile has consistently held that they "respects and complies
the integrity of treaties agreed between the parties"; with this statement
admitted, it is entirely appropriate to "demand with the same firmness,
the fulfillment of the agreed and ratified "Treaties or Mapuche

We, The European Mapuche Coordinating, want to claim our full active
participation to demand compliance with the "Treaties or Mapuche
parliaments" the agree between the Chilean State and the Mapuche people
at the conference that will carry out on May 4th and 5th of 2015
at The Hague.

For thus it will remembered and reaffirmed our right to self
determination as native people under international law, based on the
right to self determination, the right to the land and its resources,
recognition and application of Mapuche treaties and exercise the right
to the free and an informed consent.

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